It is true that marijuana is now more accessible in the United States than it ever has been before. Some states (14 to be exact) even allow the use of marijuana recreationally, which means that all adults over the age of 21 in that state can legally buy and use marijuana. Honestly, I could just shed a tear thinking about how far we have come as a nation regarding marijuana. People in other states are just restricted to using marijuana as a medical treatment, which means that they have to go through the process of applying for and obtaining a medical marijuana card. 

What this means is that people can use medical marijuana to treat symptoms like pain, cancer treatments, anxiety, stress, and many others. The only problem is that health insurance does not cover anything marijuana related. That includes doctor appointments, renewal fees, and the actual weed itself. This can put people in some tough situations, especially if they are just living paycheck to paycheck but rely on medical marijuana to manage their symptoms and get through the day. Being able to afford the cost of using marijuana is not an option for people, and it can be hard to justify spending their own money on it when they can get other prescription medications through their insurance. 

Hopefully, health insurance companies will start to cover marijuana and cannabis related costs when it is legalized on a federal level. But for now, this is the world we live in. With all that being said, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about some of the ways in which you can save money while buying your cannabis every month. This article applies to medical and recreational users, so go ahead and read to your heart's content!


Astonishingly, Americans spend about $5.8 billion dollars every month on cannabis products, both medical and recreational. That basically means that, per day, marijuana is being sold nationwide for over $200 million dollars. With all of that money coming in, it’s no wonder why so many states are beginning to develop their own marijuana programs in order to cash in on that tax revenue. Anyways, if you are looking for ways to save money at the dispensary, you have come to the right place my friend. 

Firstly, one way you can save money buying weed is to do it in a place with more than one dispensary. Many states have a surplus of dispensaries setting up shop, but if you live in an urban area in a progressive state, you may find yourself near 3 or 4 different dispensaries. This is good news, since close proximity between these dispensaries means more competition - and unless my college economics classes lied to me, this competition will drive down the prices of weed. You can expect to find lower prices in dispensaries that are competing against one another, especially compared to a dispensary that is the only provider in an area. 

Another tip that I have for you is to carefully watch on websites for sales and discounts and your favorite dispensaries. Many patients like to visit only once a month, buy what they need, and get out of there. While this is a great and efficient way to get your weed each month, it may not be the most cost effective. Dispensaries usually order cannabis products in bulk, and sometimes they can have more of one product than they need or get a really good deal on something. This means that they usually have sales going on. If you are vigilant about checking your email, dispensary websites, and online pages, you will probably be able to snag some good deals.