Looking for a Career in Cannabis?

It is true that there are current;y 36 states in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana to be used by registered patients with qualifying health conditions. In 14 of these states, recreational marijuana has also been legalized - this allows anyone over the age of 21 to legally purchase and consume cannabis, even without a medical card. Due to these simple facts, it is safe to say that the medical marijuana industry is blowing up to levels never seen before in the United States. With how much more accessible marijuana has become in the last decade, it is safe to say that there will be an increase in demand for marijuana for the next few decades to come. In fact, 2020 was an incredible year for the medical marijuana industry in the United States, and some studies report that the nation’s demand for cannabis increased by over 40% in that year alone.

Beyond simply allowing more Americans to have access to medical and recreational cannabis, these industries are also successful at supplying jobs to people, even during a labor shortage. There are so many different jobs available for people who want to get into the cannabis industry, and many of these jobs don’t even require a college degree or higher education. Plus, anyone getting a job in the cannabis industry right now knows that they pretty much have guaranteed job security - marijuana is going to be in demand for a long time to come. Some of the jobs for work in the marijuana industry include growers, cultivation jobs, tech support, administrative government roles, accounting, marketing, customer service and retail, and pretty much anything else that you can think of that goes into running a big business. The marijuana industry is continually moving forward as more and more policies are changed that make cannabis more accessible to the American public. I mean, just take a look at me - I get paid just to write these articles about all things related to marijuana for you!

One of the first jobs that people think of when it comes to working in the cannabis industry is to work at a dispensary. For many reasons, this is a great way to get your foot into the cannabis door, so to speak. States that have utilized medical and recreational marijuana programs are having cannabis dispensaries pop up all over the place, meaning that there is great deal of demand for labor in this line of work. Working in a dispensary as a ‘budtender’, as they are called, is a great first step in setting up your marijuana career. Not only are there a variety of cool responsibilities in this job, but you can also gain some great experience and benefits of working hands on with customers and products that will allow you to gain valuable insights about the industry.

Being a budtender means that you really have to know your stuff when it comes to marijuana, because you want to be able to help customers that come in with all sorts of questions. While you’re not a doctor by any means, you definitely should have some knowledge about common health conditions that medical marijuana patients may have, and be able to recommend certain strains or products that would be a good fit for them. Some of the tasks that budtenders do from day to day include stocking the shelves with cannabis products, demonstrating how to use various cannabis consumption methods like pipes and vapes to patients that have questions, operating various machines, cleaning the space, and much more. Think of it like any other retail job, except for you getting to work with marijuana all day!