05. March 2022
2021 was a big year for a lot of reasons, but it was also a big year in the marijuana industry. If you did not already know, there were actually a few states that legalized medical marijuana, along with others that legalized recreational (adult use) cannabis. These things combined greatly impacted cannabis sales into levels that we have never seen before. In fact, research shows that the United States surpassed 37 billion dollars in cannabis sales in the year 2021 alone - wow! All in all,...
31. December 2021
How to Store Your Cannabis Safely
In most states that medical marijuana has been legalized, patients are only allowed to buy up to a certain amount of cannabis per month. This is called their monthly allotment.
31. December 2021
Looking for a Career in Cannabis?
It is true that there are currently 36 states in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana to be used by registered patients with qualifying health conditions. In 14 of these states, recreational marijuana has also been legalized - this allows anyone over the age of 21 to legally purchase and consume cannabis, even without a medical card.